DigiFix® External Fixator

<span>DigiFix</span><sup>®</sup> External Fixator

DigiFix® is the ONLY mini external fixator specifically designed for distraction or compression and can be utilized in the dynamic or static mode.



  • Easy to apply
  • Simple and few instruments
  • Reproducible technique
  • One size Bracket for all applications


  • Dynamic or Static mode
  • Distraction or Compression via the Diamond feature
  • Quadrilateral or unilateral configuration


  • Better tolerated by patients
  • Address difficult problems of the hand

Other Features

  • Elastomer bands can be attached to the Hook for passive joint movement (built-in therapy)
  • Aluminum composition allows visualization of bone and joint

Latest News from Virak Ortho

2020 AAHS Annual Meeting

2020 AAHS Annual Meeting

Course #116 External Fixator on Hand
Chair: Kleber Barboza, MD
Instructors: Jesse B. Jupiter, MD, Ryan Katz, MD; Marcio Aita, MD; Virak Tan, MD
This course is the basic to promote knowledge about how to use external fixator on hand.

Thursday, January 09, 2020
7:00am – 8:00am
Location: Marriott Harbor Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Virak Orthopedics Announces the Release of the DigiFix® Sterile Kit

Virak Orthopedics announces the release of the DigiFix® Sterile Kit (1146-STKT). The sterile kits allow for hospitals, surgical centers and surgeons to utilize the external fixator for emergent traumatic cases, such as open fractures and mangling injuries.