DigiFix® External Fixator

<span>DigiFix</span><sup>®</sup> External Fixator

DigiFix® is the ONLY mini external fixator specifically designed for distraction or compression and can be utilized in the dynamic or static mode.



  • Easy to apply
  • Simple and few instruments
  • Reproducible technique
  • One size Bracket for all applications


  • Dynamic or Static mode
  • Distraction or Compression via the Diamond feature
  • Quadrilateral or unilateral configuration


  • Better tolerated by patients
  • Address difficult problems of the hand

Other Features

  • Elastomer bands can be attached to the Hook for passive joint movement (built-in therapy)
  • Aluminum composition allows visualization of bone and joint

Latest News from Virak Ortho


75th Annual Meeting of the ASSH

Visit us at the 75th Annual Meeting of the ASSH at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

October 1 – 3, 2020
Location: San Antonio, Tx
Booth #: TBA

2020 AAHS Annual Meeting

2020 AAHS Annual Meeting

Course #116 External Fixator on Hand
Chair: Kleber Barboza, MD
Instructors: Jesse B. Jupiter, MD, Ryan Katz, MD; Marcio Aita, MD; Virak Tan, MD
This course is the basic to promote knowledge about how to use external fixator on hand.

Thursday, January 09, 2020
7:00am – 8:00am
Location: Marriott Harbor Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Virak Orthopedics Announces the Release of the DigiFix® Sterile Kit

Virak Orthopedics announces the release of the DigiFix® Sterile Kit (1146-STKT). The sterile kits allow for hospitals, surgical centers and surgeons to utilize the external fixator for emergent traumatic cases, such as open fractures and mangling injuries.