Clinical Overview

Clinical Overview

Finger injuries are frequently a result of sporting activities and falls. Although many of these injuries can be appropriately treated with traditional means including closed reduction or splinting, some are difficult to effectively manage due to the severity of bony comminution and/or joint involvement, requiring other treatment modalities.

Complex injuries of the phalanges often involve highly comminuted fractures with significant intraarticular involvement and soft tissue compromise. These may have associated neurovascular damage, tendon injury and sometimes with a fracture-dislocation of the adjacent joint. The accepted principles of management for these injuries involve restoration of articular congruity with fixation of the fracture using internal or external fixators.

Post-traumatic arthritis and contracture of the finger may develop if early mobilization and accurate reduction are not achieved and unfortunately are not uncommon occurrences. Finger stiffness and contracture may limit usefulness of the hand in grip and grasp, resulting in what can result in a life-long functional loss. Intervention with the external fixation offers the surgeon best opportunity to prevent this outcome.

With the desire to improve outcomes for complex bone and joint injuries of the finger, Virak Orthopedics developed the DigiFix, a unique external fixation system that attaches to the bony skeleton on both sides of the finger with smooth stainless steel K-wires/pins.

DigiFix Advantages