Why Digifix®?

DigiFix® is a low-profile mini external fixation solution for small bone and joint injuries. FDA approved for interphalangeal joint fracture-dislocation, unstable dislocation, pilon fracture, arthrodesis, contracture; and phalangeal fracture.

DigiFix® innovative design allows for distraction or compression, and can function in the dynamic or static mode. Additionally, elastomer bands can be attached to the Hook for built-in passive joint motion.

The DigiFix® External Fixation System is intended to be used in skeletally mature patients in treatment of:

Dynamic Mode

  1. Complex fracture-dislocations or fracture-subluxation, unstable dislocations, and pilon fractures of the interphalangeal (IP) joint;
  2. Proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint contracture

Static Mode

  1. Fractures of the phalanges and
  2. Interphalangeal (IP) joint arthrodesis

Advantages of DigiFix®